Tryout Information


All spring tryout results will be posted on Saturday March 10th at 5pm

While we would love to offer everyone a spot in our program, we are unfortunately limited by courts and positions at each age group. We do not discuss tryout results as it is difficult to discuss placements without talking about other athletes.  We abide by this policy out of respect for your athlete as well as anyone else who comes through our program.  

A reminder that the listing below is a persons tryout number and color. V101 would mean you had the violet (purple) colored tag with the number 101 on it. Please look in your appropriate age group for your tryout number and program placement.

For those new families who are placed on a team you will be required to attend the parent meeting on March 12th at 7pm at the MSA Fieldhouse.  If you are a retruning family you may stop in the office Monday between 11a - 6p to fill out your paperwork. The $200 commitment form and uniform payment (if applicable) will be due at that time. Please bring a check, cash or CC for these forms.

15U-18U Regional

B01 G50 O65
B02 G51 O66
B04 G52 O67
B05 G53 V50
B06 G54 V51
B07 G55 V52
B08 G56 V53
B09 G57 V54
B10 G62 V55
B12 G65 V56
B13 O50 V57
B14 O52 V58
B15 O53 V59
B17 O54 V60
B18 O55 V61
B19 O57 V62
B20 O58 V63
B21 O60 V64
B22 O61 V66
B23 O62 V67
B25 O63 V71

14U Regional

G09 O15 O42
G11 O24 O45
G13 O25 O47
G22 O28 O48
O02 O29 O74
O03 O30 V08
O04 O31 V10
O07 O37 V11
O09 O39 V29

14U Competitive

G03 O16 O96
G12 O26 V04
G17 O38 V06
G18 O41 V09
O01 O43 V12
O08 O49 V13
O10 O68 V22
O13 O71 V31
O14 O73 V32

13U Regional

G01 O20 V02
G02 O21 V05
G04 O22 V14
G07 O27 V19
G15 O32 V20
G16 O34 V21
G20 O35 V23
G21 O95 V25
O17 V01 V27

13U Competitive

B11 O33
G05 O36
G06 O44
G08 V03
G10 V16
G14 V17
G19 V24
O05 V26
O06 V28
O11 V96
O23 V97

12U Regional

P01 P14 P29
P03 P15 P30
P05 P16 P35
P06 P17 P38
P08 P18 P40
P09 P19 P42
P10 P22 P43
P11 P25 P46
P12 P27 P50
P13 P28 V98

12U Competitive

P02 P34
P04 P36
P07 P37
P20 P39
P21 P41
P23 P44
P24 P45
P26 P47
P31 P48
P32 P49