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MVA Fall Tryouts

Spring Tryout Dates

March 11th - March 14th

Registration is now open!

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Tryout Dates and Times

*Please ensure you are pre-registered.  Registration will open in February

U12 | 5th and 6th Grades - Wednesday March 13th: 4:30p-7:00p

U13 | 7th Grade - Monday March 11th: 4:30p-7:00p AND Thursday March 14th: 4:30p-6:30p

U14 | 8th Grade - Monday March 11th: 4:30p-7:00p AND Tuesday March 12th: 4:30p-6:30p

U15-U18 | 9th-12th Grades - Monday March 11th: 7:00p-9:30p AND Wednesday March 13th: 7:00p-9:30p

*Please email Anna at AnnaT@michigansportsacademies.com with any questions

Season & Team Information


Looking for financial assistance for your athlete?
Contact the MSA Foundation for information about scholarships available for youth athletes in West Michigan.

Tryout Information

MVA Program Levels

All athletes, regardless of level (Regional or Competitive) will tryout with their appropriate age group.

When you check-in at your tryout, you will be expected to declare the levels you are trying out for. Your player will be placed in the highest level she has selected and is qualified for.

Please review the age group information sheets to determine your options between  Regional and Competitive.  Information sheets for specific age groups will be available there and in the buttons above or review the program level quick-facts below.


Online registration will reduce the amount of paperwork you have to fill out on location!  The $45 payment is taken when you pre-register online.  Pre-registration is to be completed by midnight the night before posted tryout time.  If a parent will not be attending tryouts, online registration must be completed. 

Players not registered online will need to arrive 60 minutes prior to the posted tryout time.  They will need to register on-site and the $55 fee will be collected at that time.

Online registration will open in September!

MVA Program Levels Quick-Facts

Competitive:  Athletes have the opportunity to be involved in AAU competition through our local tournaments and leagues.  Competitive teams have 2 practices per week and all events are local.  Athletes may play winter and/or spring.  Winter season runs from December-early March, spring season runs from mid-March to early June.

Regional:  For our half-season athletes looking to take the competition schedule up a notch.  The Regional level offers a schedule similar to that of the Competitive teams but includes one additional regional tournament.  Regional teams have 2 practices per week, play in local events and one regional event per session.  Athletes may play winter and/or spring.  Winter season runs from December-early March, spring season runs from mid-March to early June.

Elite: For competitive athletes looking to play a full season.The Elite level offers 2 or 3 practices a week, competition in our Open Level Power League, several local 2 day tournaments, and regional travel including some of our team travel trips.Elite athletes will commit for the full 6-month season which runs from December to the first weekend of June.

National: Our most competitive level for our full season athletes looking to compete at the highest level on a National scale.The National level is our highest commitment level with practice 3 times a week, play in the Open Level Power League, frequent travel throughout the MidWest, and attend the National Championships in June.National athletes commit for the full 6-month season with runs from late November to late June.

MVA Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine what age an athlete should play at?

What age they will be September 1, 2019?  The answer is typically what level they should play at, and correlates as listed below:

  • 12U: 5th and 6th Grade - Birthday September 1, 2006 or after
  • 13U: 7th Grade - Birthday September 1, 2005 or after
  • 14U: 8th Grade - Birthday September 1, 2004 or after
  • 15U: 9th Grade - Birthday September 1, 2003 or after
  • 16U: 10th Grade - Birthday September 1, 2002 or after
  • 17U: 11th Grade - Brithday September 1, 2001 of after
  • 18U: 12th Grade - Birthday September 1, 2000 or after

If an athlete is young for their grade-we typically would like them to play with their grade.

If an athlete is old for their grade-please contact Anna at annat@michigansportsacademies.com and we can help you determine your specific situation.

My daughter play another school sport, is that okay?

We allow multi-sport athletes at every level, and school sports are excused absences.  We do ask that parents and athletes be mindful of conflicts and work to communicate early to their coach.

Do you make cuts?

We try to place as many athletes as possible, but we are always limited by the number of courts and the number of coaches we have, as we try to put no more than 10 ahtletes per team.

At the 12U level-Any athlete that is not placed in the 12U Competitive or Regional program is recommended for our Youth Academy.  The $45 tryout fee is put towards the cost of the Youth Academy.

At the 13U/14U level-We use a combination of athletic testing and skill evaluation to determine the best fit for each program.  Position choice is taken into consideration, but we do move ahletes to what we believe is their best fit.

At the 15U-18U level-We use a combination of athletic testing and skill evaluation to determine the best fit for each program.  Position choice of the athlete is strongly taken into consideration, but we do move ahletes to what we believe is the best fit.  Position placement does influence our ability to make teams (we can't have a team of all middles!).

My daughter can't be there on a scheduled tryout date, what should we do?

If you cannot attend either regularly scheduled tryout, please contact Anna before the tryout week and we will try out best to make arrangements. You will still need to register your athlete with online registration.

When does practice for the teams begin?

  • The week of March 18th

What is the practice schedule for my athlete's age group?

*12U Regional and Competitive: Monday&Wednesday 4:30-6:30

*13U/14U Regaional and Competitive: Tuesday&Thursday 4:30-6:30 (or possibly Friday's instead of one of those days)

*15-18U Regional: Monday 6:30-9 and Wednesday 7:30-9:30

*Please Note - Practice schedules are tentative. They will be finalized and communicated at the parent meeting once tryouts have concluded.


Why MVA?

Performance Training: Training is included in an athletes tuition.  Training is done through iMove and is located in the MSA Fieldhouse.

Service: To date, MVA athletes have helped raise over $12,000 in change donations and trailers of food donations to local and national charities. In 2018 we focused on Alex's Lemonde Stand and Kids Food Basket. Our 2019 charity has not been determined yet, but you can be sure we aim to make a difference in the community!

Tuition help: Savory Cookies and Scrip are available to help you fundraise towards tuition this season!  We do offer monthly payment plans at no additional fee.

How to Choose a Volleyball Club: Click the link at left to read an article to help you with what questions you should ask when trying out for a club. We believe an educated consumer is a happy consumer so please take the time to read it over! When looking at club fees, compare Apples to Apples! Coach hotel fees are included in MVA tuition. Parents will not owe MVA more every weekend to house the coach. Be informed and ask questions no matter what club you decide to choose this season. Find your volleyball home!