Michiana Power League

Michiana Power League

Open Level 2017

Our goal is to provide a unparalleled level of competition and facilities for teams participating, to lighten up the weekend schedule through the winter so teams may participate in large tournaments of their choosing without over training, and to provide safe and quality facilities for our athletes. Three age groups (14s, 16s, and 18s) will rotate through 3 locations spending one weekend at each site.


Who: 18 Open, 16 Open, 14 Open
What: Open Level Power League with 3 weekends (6 dates) that travel between Grand Rapids, Warren, and Canton. Saturday PM and Sunday AM waves mean only one hotel night stay!
When: January 7/8, January 28/29, February 25/26
Where: Grand Rapids, MI; Warren, MI; Canton, MI


Power League Details:
1. 3 play weekends (6 total play dates)
2. Pools of 4 or Brackets of 8, 3 matches per date
3. Flow chart with re-seeding and movement explained, teams will move with each date to play comparable competition
4. Registration and result tracking through AES
5. Up ref’s certified, background checks completed
6. Each location will provide a qualified tournament host for questions regarding play
7. The Michiana Power League is open and fully insured for all teams with AAU Registration
8. For questions please contact chipw@michigansportsacademies.com